We have defeated Boko Haram in Northeast-Buratai


The former Chief of Army of Staff, Tukur Buratai has said subduing and defeating Boko Haram insurgents in the northeast was due to the cooperation of the locals in the region.

Buratai made this known in an interview with newsmen on Friday.

The former army general turned politician said the people of the northeast understood the need to oust the insurgents and they cooperated with the military.

He claimed the ability to win the hearts of the people turned the table around and further helped the military to carry out a seamless operation.

Buratai said, “Winning the hearts and minds of the local population was a major event that turned the tables against the insurgents because it saw the emergence of the reinvigorated joint civil-military operations task force, which is a joint task force composed of military operational formations from more than one service. A central coordination HQ was established.”

He further revealed that the coordination of the civil and humanitarian activities was facilitated by the region to help further the operations of the military.

He said, “It assisted the joint force commander in humanitarian or national-assistance operations, theatre campaigns, or civil-military operations occurring concurrently.”

Buratai also said the APC means well for Nigerians and remains the only party that can salvage Nigerians from its long-aged predicaments.

The APC chieftain said he has the ideals that the APC can safeguard.

“I am now a democrat and an APC member. I have ideas and ideals that the APC can safeguard. I also believe that the party means well for Nigeria, and also stands a better chance of winning the presidential elections. ”

He appealed to Nigerians to rally round the APC Presidential Candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu as he remains the best and most experienced candidate for Nigeria’s number one administrative seat.

Buratai said, “We are working round the clock to ensure that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu wins the election. I encourage you to vote for your choice, but if you want to hear my opinion, I would say vote for the APC.”

The ex-diplomat urged the electorates and well-meaning Nigerians to shun violence during the general elections.

He also called on Nigerians to not be allowed to be used as a tool of violence rather they should stand their ground and protect their votes while exercising their civic responsibility on election day.

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