Samsung Unveils Galaxy S23 Flagship Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung has just lifted the veil on its latest and most anticipated top smartphone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The months of non-stop leaks and anticipation are finally over for all fans of the South Korea-based smartphone giant, which is entering 2023 with a pretty serious bang: its most advanced new phone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra!

The flagship was unveiled alongside the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus. Samsung’s previous Galaxy S Ultra phones were synonymous with exceptional performance, camera prowess, and the very verge of phone technology available out of Samsung’s camp, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra is definitely not an exception to this rule, but further solidifies it.

Galaxy S23 Ultra price and release

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will start at $1,200 for the entry-level 8GB RAM/256GB storage version and will gradually become more expensive as you move up the RAM and storage combinations.

For example, the 12GB/512GB version would normally cost you $1,380, but as part of a limited time offer you can score this one at the price of the 256GB version. Finally, the top-end version with 12GB and 1TB of storage, which is exclusive, can be yours for $1,620.
The phone is already available for pre-order and will be hitting the shelves on February 17. As usual, Samsung’s own store has a myriad of deals and rebates available, including a free storage upgrade as well as generous trade-ins, even including phones with cracked screens. Pre-ordering the phones by following the links above could also net you some neat discounts along the way and push the price tag even lower.

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